Announcement of Maner Costerisan Merger with Stevens, Kirinovic & Tucker P.C.

Maner Costerisan is thrilled to announce that we’re making an exciting change to our practice. Effective January 1, 2019, the professionals of Stevens, Kirinovic & Tucker P.C. will join the team at Maner Costerisan. We view this merger as a significant benefit for our clients and look forward to a bright future. Maner Costerisan’s name and office location will remain the same.

Our Continued Direction – Focusing on Client Service
At Maner Costerisan, our first priority has always been to provide the best service possible to our clients. We feel confident that our choice to merge with Stevens, Kirinovic & Tucker P.C. enhances our ability to fulfill this objective. Our professionals are excited about the additional resources and knowledge base they will bring to the table. It will highly enhance our ability to reach our goals and allow us to more effectively serve as a trusted advisor for our clients.

About Stevens, Kirinovic & Tucker P.C.
Stevens, Kirinovic & Tucker P.C. specializes in governmental and nonprofit audit and services approximately 60 nonprofit organizations and more than 180 governmental entities including libraries, counties, cities, townships, villages, school districts, health departments, road commissions, district and circuit courts, local authorities and agencies, and various departments of the State of Michigan.

What The Merger Means to Maner Costerisan Clients
You can expect to count on the same engagement team members you have relied on in the past. Our ability to provide efficient and accurate service and guidance will now be greatly strengthened. In essence, you will continue to experience the quality service you have come to expect from your Maner Costerisan team – delivered by the people you’ve come to trust.

We welcome the opportunity to provide additional background information on Stevens, Kirinovic & Tucker P.C. and our decision to merge our practices. Please feel free to contact Jeff Stevens with any questions at (517) 323-7500.