Work, Play, Give Back

At Maner Costerisan, we are passionate about helping our clients and our associates achieve success. Your career is about growing as a professional and continuing to enjoy your personal freedoms. At Maner Costerisan, you will work with industry-leading clients and collaborative and caring colleagues. Our commitment to our people and our team is unmatched. We are devoted to the success and happiness of our professionals and encourage fulfillment in both your personal and professional lives. We cultivate positive, supportive relationships within our workforce just as we do our client relationships. Our dedication to our people is just as genuine as that of any client connection we will ever share. That’s our pledge to you.  Click here to view current opportunities!

Work Hard

Our philosophy is simple. Coming to work each day should be enjoyable and gratifying, not  just a “job” that has to be done. We promote well-rounded employees with experience in many different areas.

Play Hard

We believe that happy employees make happy clients and if you work hard, you deserve to play hard. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our environment and create an atmosphere where employees look forward to coming to work each day.  Maner team members are encouraged to become involved in outside activities. To help facilitate that, Maner sponsors various sports teams and social activities throughout the year in addition to supporting our team members’ individual passions.

Give Back

Maner Costerisan is a part of the Greater Lansing community and as such, we believe that giving back to our community is important. We encourage our  employees to become active in community events and charitable organizations. Making a difference and giving back to the community is a priority at Maner.

Career Development

Maner encourages continuing education, professional development and personal growth. We start at the beginning of your career with training focused on the professional skills needed for long-term success. As you grow in your career, we provide opportunities for national training programs focused on leadership, team development and niche specific skills to provide  continuous value to our clients and team members.

Live a Balanced Life

Maner Costerisan thrives to keep our employees happy and engaged and understand that means allowing for a work life balance that many professionals seek. We work individually with our professionals to provide the flexibility and balance that they personally need. Some of those benefits include flexible work hours, vacation and personal time, and reduced hour schedules to ensure all team members achieve a healthy balance.


Maner offers comprehensive benefits including medical, dental, vision, 401K with profit sharing ,and CPA exam incentives . To  see a full list of benefits, click here.

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We are always looking for talented interns for both Tax Season (Jan-Apr) and Summer (June-Aug).  We offer internships within our audit, tax and accounting services department.  To learn more and apply, click here.

“My favorite thing about working at Maner is how friendly, approachable, helpful, and knowledgeable everyone is. This is a great environment to further your education, create new relationships, and advance your career.” Brad Sinicki, 2018 Tax Season Intern


Entry Level Associate

Audit, Tax or Accounting Services – we are always looking for talented staff and accept resumes year round.

The Entry Level Associate will work in supervised client situations and be responsible for the applicable audit, tax or accounting services procedures.  This level is expected to be actively studying for and taking the CPA exam. To learn more and apply, click here.

“Maner has a very open environment which doesn’t feel forced. Everyone is treated as an equal and a valuable member of the team, regardless of what level you are at in the firm. The culture at Maner creates a great learning environment. I can ask questions to any level, associate or partner.” – Lissa Vincent, Audit Associate


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