Accountants Living the Dream!

Employee Stories

At Maner Costerisan, we have fun practicing public accounting with empowered people who have passion for what they do.
We are a firm of vibrant and innovative professionals who are committed to client relationships and enjoy the business of doing business.

Helping others is the nature of accounting and it’s in our nature to help our clients and the community while improving our profitability. It’s our people that have kept Maner Costerisan growing for over 100 years and that will help us become even more successful in the years to come. Below are just some of the people who currently help Maner Costerisan thrive and grow—Living the Dream!

Tara started at Maner in July 2016 after completing an internship with Maner. Originally from the Upper Peninsula, Tara decided to stay in Lansing after graduating from Michigan State and continue her career here. Tara enjoys working at Maner because of the team oriented culture and the fact that everyone works together as a team to provide the clients with high quality and timely service. Tara’s favorite thing about working at Maner is the people. She states “it is awesome going to work when you look forward to seeing your co-workers each day!” Tara is an Associate in the Tax Department.

Sarah grew up in the greater Lansing area, after attending Illinois Wesleyan University, she came back to live in Lansing. It’s a fairly large city but not large enough to intimidate you. She also likes the size of Maner Costerisan, which offers big firm resources with a small firm environment. Sarah is a Partner in the Accounting and Outsourced Solutions Department.

Cole started at Maner in January 2018 after deciding that public accounting was the right fit for him and wanting to relocate to Lansing to be closer to family. Cole enjoys the family-friendly feel to the office. One of Cole’s favorite things about working at Maner is the exposure to the senior members of the firm and being able to approach managers and partners with questions. This provides a great opportunity to learn and gain knowledge about more difficult topics. Cole is an Associate in the Tax department.

Brandy joined the team after witnessing the energetic atmosphere and staff wide support for the core values of the firm. She loves knowing that each and every employee is committed to outstanding client service and they all share the same belief that a career should be rewarding, enjoyable and fun! Brandy is a Partner in the Tax Department.

Nick joined Maner in July 2017 after completing an internship with Maner and graduating from Michigan State. Nick states that the culture is the number one thing that drew him to Maner and that everyone is friendly and willing to help each other out to get their work done. He enjoys interacting with his co-workers every day and considers some of his co-workers close friends now. He enjoys the fact that everyday is something new and he has gotten to meet a lot of incredible people, whether clients or co-workers, through Maner. Nick is an Associate in the Audit Department.

Zack found Maner Costerisan to be the right size firm for his personal needs. The firm is big enough to gain great experience, yet small enough to ensure he’s not stuck in a corner all day with little or no interaction. At Maner Costerisan everyone knows everyone, including those at the director and principal levels. Zach is a Senior Manager in the Audit Department.

Haley joined Maner in 2016 after graduating from Olivet College. Haley says that her favorite thing about Maner is the flexibility and the fact that Maner works with the associates to accommodate a work life balance. She feels that the open door policy makes the Partners more approachable and that questions are encouraged. Haley likes that everyone is willing to help each other learn and progress in their career. Haley is an Associate in the Audit Department.

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Accountants Living the Dream!