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We’ll Deliver the Data
to Uncover Your Dreams.

Pinpoint Opportunity with More Precision Than Ever.

Businesses need data to drive them, not overwhelm them. Beyond knowing what to measure, Maner Costerisan understands where to look for the stories hiding in the numbers.

Using technology, accounting metrics and real-time analytics, we track important data and report it as it happens – ensuring you don’t miss any opportunity or potential red flag. Our custom dashboards and accounting reports offer real-time insight into critical business data to help you make more informed business decisions.

We understand that when it comes to reports, ensuring accuracy is important, but you don’t always have the time to dive in deep to review it.

We provide expert support to make sure all decision makers have the insights they need and the right software is in place for your business’s needs. 

Metrics That Matter

Companies that regularly track their KPIs are more likely to achieve their business goals.

Organizations that use KPIs are 2.5 times more likely to meet their objectives than those that don’t.

Those that use a well-designed KPI reporting system are more likely to achieve their financial goals.

These companies typically experience a 5% increase in revenue growth and a 6% increase in profit margins.

Organizations that use KPIs to measure customer satisfaction are more likely to retain their customers.

Businesses that measure customer satisfaction are 33% more likely to keep their customers than those that don’t.


We dig into usage, cash flow, and the financial health of your business to help better track, analyze and report your income and revenue.

To better forecast and plan for the future, we can summarize statements and develop KPIs for better decision making.

Combining data into one place to give you better insight and helps you make more informed decisions.

See deeper into your business with real-time, detailed dashboards that integrate critical business data typically found across the organization, but rarely reported on collectively.

Leveraging cloud-based technology, we can help you create a seamless system that simplifies complex processes and improves overall efficiency.

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