Brooks Rodino

Tax Department

Michigan State University
December 2020
Major: Accounting




Meet Brooks Rodino, 2020 tax season intern working in the Tax Department. Brooks currently attends Michigan State University after completing his first 2 years of college at Butler University.

Brooks decided to switch his major from Pre Law to Accounting in honor of his brother’s legacy. Brooks decided to pursue public accounting for the challenge and opportunities involved with becoming a CPA.

Brooks is originally from Holland, Michigan and is an avid fisherman and outdoorsman. He has spend the last 5 summers working on a charter fishing boat and also competes in fishing tournaments. His first tournament of the 2020 season is on April 25th. Brooks also enjoys writing in his spare time and is currently working on the final version of his first novel which he plans to publish.

Why did you choose Maner Costerisan to intern with?

With the main goal of an internship being to learn, I found that a mid-sized firm such as Maner Costerisan held all the values I was looking for. Not only was it made clear that I would be given responsibilities like other full-time employees, but I would have the resources to learn from my mistakes and ultimately succeed. On top of that, I found my personality to match the open and fun-loving culture presented throughout the firm.

What has been your favorite thing about working at Maner Costerisan?

The amount of responsibility and trust given to accomplish tasks that hold true value to the firm; coinciding with, my ability to converse with highly experienced CPAs.

What are your duties as an intern?

As a tax intern, I have been given the task of preparing a various number of different tax returns including: personal property tax returns, 1065 AH returns, and 1040’s. Each one accompanied with varies challenges that keep me on my toes.

What has been the most rewarding part of your internship? The most difficult?

The most difficult aspect overlaps with the most rewarding one. Completing the tax returns can be a mind-boggling struggle at the start, but with knowledgeable assistance and persistence, the small details within each return begins to make more sense and brings me a sense of sanity. It is with this newly found understanding that I feel the most rewarded and accomplished at the end of the day.

Have you had a lot of interaction with the other interns? Do you work together or independently the majority of the time?

One of my favorite parts of Maner! The other interns, in all departments, are all in proximity of each other and share like-minded attributes. I have looked forward to each day in part because of my colleagues.

What advice or tips would you give to a new intern?

Allow yourself the time to learn and be ready to make a lot of mistakes at the beginning. Stay determined to figure it out.