INTERN SPOTLIGHT—Kenzie Trierweiler


Kenzie Trierweiler

Acct & Outsourced Solutions

Ferris  — May 2021

Major: Accounting  & Finance


Meet Kenzie Trierweiler 2019 Summer intern working in the Accounting & Outsourced Solutions Department. Kenzie currently attends Ferris State University and will graduate with her Bachelor’s degree in May 2021.

Kenzie is originally from Grand Ledge and is the youngest of six siblings one of which also works at Maner! Kenzie loves sports and participates in the club softball team at Ferris and also plays other intramural sports including volleyball and basketball. She enjoys golfing with her friends and family as well.

Why did you choose a career path in public accounting?
Going into college I really didn’t have an idea of what I wanted to do. It was my family that suggested accounting for me, and after I took my first class, I knew it was the right fit. I chose public accounting because I like all the diverse work and options that there is to grow.

Why did you choose Maner Costerisan to intern with?
My sister, Kasey, first gave me the idea to intern here. After doing some research and coming in for interviews, I was really drawn to the work environment and community that Maner has. Everyone was friendly and I really liked the size of the firm.

What has been your favorite thing about working at Maner Costerisan?
My favorite thing about Maner is the people. Everyone is extremely welcoming, understanding, and willing to walk me through any problems I have.
What are your duties as an intern?
In Accounting and Outsourced Solutions, I do a variety of projects. I mainly do check and payroll entry, math checks, and bank reconciliations.

What has been the most difficult aspect of your internship?
The most difficult aspect of my internship has been learning to accept that I’m not perfect and mistakes are going to be made. It’s frustrating not to understand or mess up, but asking a lot of questions gets me through it.

What has been the most rewarding part of your internship?
Constantly learning and improving has been the most rewarding. Being able to complete projects more quickly and efficiently as time goes on really boosts my confidence.

Who have you gotten a chance to interact with during your internship?
I’ve interacted with a lot of people from every different level of the company – partners, managers, interns – but I would say that you get the closest to the people in your department. I interact the most through asking questions and receiving the majority of my work from a variety of people in my department.

Have you had a lot of interaction with the other interns?
Although the other interns are out on audits a lot, we still have lots of interaction. While we all work independently, we’ve become close through sharing our experiences and asking each other questions. It’s nice to have other people understand and relate to what you go through as an intern.

What advice or tips would you give to a new intern?
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and ask a lot of questions!