Kiara Berry

Accounting & Outsourced Solutions

Aquinas College — May 2021
Major: Accounting
Minor: Data Analytics & Legal Studies







Meet Kiara Berry, 2020 summer intern working in the Accounting & Outsourced Solutions Department. Kiara attends Aquinas College and will graduate with her Bachelor’s degree in May 2021.

Kiara decided to go into Accounting after her family and teachers encourages her to do so because of her math skills. She feels she will enjoy helping companies and people manage their finances.

Kiara is originally from Lansing. In her spare time she enjoys working out and watching health and beauty tutorials. Her hobbies are playing tennis, coloring, word searches, and pampering her dog, a shih tzu named Buddie.

Why did you choose Maner Costerisan to intern with?

I chose Maner Costerisan to intern with after attending the Live The Dream event. Everyone was genuine and loved working in a fun and family-oriented environment. The impression I received from the company is that they work hard to provide quality services for a specific client need.

What has been your favorite thing about working at Maner Costerisan?  

My favorite thing about working at Maner Costerisan are the people. They are so open to help with any assignment. I feel comfortable coming to them with anything I am having trouble with.

What are your duties as an intern?

My duties as an intern have been anything and everything. One day could be recording transactions and the next day could be cleaning up client files. I have also been doing social media marketing.

What has been the most difficult aspect of your internship?

The most difficult aspect of my internship has been working from home. If I was in the office, I would be more involved and able to learn more.

What has been the most rewarding part of your internship?  

The most rewarding part of my internship is gaining all around experience!

Who have you gotten a chance to interact with during your internship? (ie clients, partners, etc)

I have met some Associates in the Accounting Department. Toni, Emily, and Sarah have been very informative and flexible with projects that are given to me. I appreciate all their help during this internship.

What advice or tips would you give to a new intern?

When an opportunity is given to you, TAKE FULL ADVANCE OF IT!