Tyler Horan

Tax/Audit Department

Michigan State University—May 2019

Major: Accounting


Meet Tyler Horan, 2018 summer intern working in the Tax and Audit Department. Tyler is a current student at MSU and will be graduating in May of 2019. Upon graduation, Tyler plans to continue his schooling at MSU and obtain his Master’s degree.
Tyler is originally from Battle Creek and is the youngest of five siblings. He has seven nieces and nephews and enjoys spending time with his family playing tennis or hanging out at the lake. Tyler is an avid golfer and tennis player and recently picked up a new hobby photographing the stars. He has always been fascinated by pictures of the Milky Way and is now taking his own photos!Why did you choose a career path in public accounting?
My dad was in public accounting for over 30 years and loved it. Both of my brothers-in-law started in public accounting and it was a great start to their career. I believe it is hard to get this type experience elsewhere.
Why did you choose Maner Costerisan to intern with?
I really did not want to be a part of a huge firm where culture wasn’t valued. I wanted to feel like my role mattered, even as an intern. After speaking to current staff, I realized that this would be a good fit for me based off the people you get to work with and the challenges that you get to face as an intern.

What has been your favorite thing about working at Maner Costerisan?
The people are great here, but that is a given. I really love the fact that I can do real work here. Right after my orientation, I was already working on 990s and I’ve been learning so much each day.

What are your duties as an intern?
As of now, I’m working on 990 tax returns. I’ll be switching over to audit in July.

What has been the most rewarding part of your internship?
It has been great to get to know people around the office. I really appreciate people coming up to my cube just to ask how my weekend was or if I have any questions. It means a lot to know the people around you care!

Have you had a lot of interaction with the other interns? Do you work together or independently the majority of the time?
I’ve spent a good amount of time with the other interns. I’m in tax and they are in accounting right now so we don’t work on projects together. We’ve been to lunch a couple times and got to hang out at Lansing 5:01 and the golf outing, which was a great time.

What advice or tips would you give to a new intern?
Ask questions! Be willing and excited to learn from the experts around you.