Will Kwiecinski

Tax Department

Aquinas College
May 2021
Major: Accounting
Minor: Business





Meet Will Kwiecinski, 2020 tax season intern working in the Tax Department. Will currently attends Aquinas College.

Will chose a career path in public accounting as it is the perfect blend of his two major passions—numbers and working with people. He is also very detailed and finds that comes in handy in this field.

Will is from Portland, Michigan and enjoys hiking, writing, and biking trails in his spare time. He also enjoys an occasional night in playing video games with friends. Will also enjoys traveling. A few of his favorite places to travel are the northern east coast and the upper peninsula.

Why did you choose Maner Costerisan to intern with?

I really wanted my first professional experience in the field of accounting to be in an environment that really focused on service and client relationships–it was important to me that an internship wouldn’t just be time spent with a corporation that valued profit more than anything.

What has been your favorite thing about working at Maner Costerisan?

I absolutely love the team-focused approach all our work relies on. It genuinely does feel like we’re all in this together. What are your duties as an intern?  I have been primarily responsible for preparing 1040s, 1065s, and personal property returns, with the occasional 1120 or other special projects.

What has been the most difficult aspect of your internship? 

There’s just so much to learn; tax law is full of tiny details and niches. I feel like it would take years to get fully comfortable with any one tax return. What has been the most rewarding part of your internship?  Definitely the professional growth I’ve experienced. It’s legitimately impossible to fully describe all the opportunities for growth I’ve been given in the past few months.

Who have you gotten a chance to interact with during your internship? (ie clients, partners, etc)

I’ve actually had a lot of email and phone interactions with clients and tax assessors, but I think my favorite opportunities for interaction have actually been getting to develop personal professional relationships with many of the tax partners, seniors, and managers–not that I haven’t loved working with the rest of the tax staff, too!

What advice or tips would you give to a new intern? 

Understand that you’ll have a lot to learn; college is great, but there are some things you can’t teach in a classroom.