Intern Spotlight – Zach Reau

Zach Reau

Audit Department

Grand Valley State University — December 2018

Major: Accounting 



Meet Zach Reau, 2019 Tax Season intern working in the Audit Department. Zach graduated from Grand Valley State University this past December with his Bachelor’s degree. In addition to his schooling, Zach was a member of the varsity swim team as a long distance swimmer while at GVSU.

Zach is originally from Manistee, Michigan. Zach attended the Live the Dream program in May of 2018 and was really impressed with the atmosphere of the office and the individuals he met during that event which led him to choose to complete an internship with Maner.
In his spare time, Zach loves to watch soccer and really loves working on old cars. His old roommate and him currently are working on rebuilding a 97 Mustang. Zach also enjoys all water sports in the summer!

Why did you choose a career path in public accounting?
I once heard the accounting profession described as the roots and trunk of a tree. Without that base and support system the whole tree would not be able to sustain life, also one cannot climb to the higher branches of a tree [marketing, sales, finance, etc.] without starting at the trunk and understanding how to climb up it – and that description really resonated with me.

What has been your favorite thing about working at Maner Costerisan?
The pace and the nature of the work – each client needs something particular to them so it really is a completely different experience at each client.

What was your first day at Maner Costerisan like?
I’ll jump to my first day in the field – which really was a hit the ground running experience – Working at the client location and meeting the employees there was a really cool experience. After my nerves settled down the day went by extremely fast.

What are your duties as an intern?
Being an audit intern that works in the field really gives me a dynamic range of duties. Like I said above, no two clients are exactly the same so it forces me to stay on my toes to keep up with each of the new clients I go to.

What has been the most rewarding part of your internship?
I would have to say being able to finish workpaper assigned to me without the need for much review is a really good feeling. Also having the in-charge for each engagement tell us that we’re all set at the end of a week or so is very rewarding in itself.

Who have you gotten a chance to interact with during your internship?
I have had the privilege of being able to interact with lots of awesome people from the office, and having the partners join us out in the field is a very cool experience too because it allows you to get a different set of eyes on your work and real time feedback. And I can’t forget our clients, I have yet to be at a client where the employees aren’t super nice and helpful. I truly do enjoy getting to experience that every day.

What advice or tips would you give to a new intern?
Ask Questions – Being able to complete a workpaper right the first time, even though you had to ask a handful of questions to get there is a much more efficient way of doing it than the need to go back and fix things a second time.