Keys To A Successful Accounting System Upgrade

Much of today’s technology and software is engineered so it will perform adequately for years.  However, new and improved features are being developed all the time, and you might not be getting the maximum value out of your financial software.

It can be difficult to determine when an upgrade to your company’s accounting software is needed.  Consider the following questions when deciding whether an upgrade should be considered:

  1. Are your users ready?  Any changes to your accounting software should allow for the sophistication of the system needs to align with the technological savvy of its primary users.  Buying expensive software may lead to many of its features gathering “virtual dust” due to employee’s resistant to change.  But users whom are well trained and adaptable may be able to extract added value from a more sophisticated software.
  2. Is the price right?  What are the costs involved?  Set a budget and focus your search on products and vendors offering only the functions your company needs.  Explore add-on services such as training and ongoing support.  You want to make sure you get the most value from the software, beyond new and improved features.
  3. Do you need to integrate?  Integration is the concept of networking the accounting system with your other critical systems such as billing and payroll.  Integration will help to maximize the return on your investment in the accounting software.  A successful integration will require buy-in from all areas of your business.

If your company doesn’t need any major accounting process changes you may want to consider upgrading your existing software.  Let us know if we can provide further guidance and information.