Medical Marijuana Services

As medical marijuana gains acceptance across the country and in Michigan, investors and business owners face emerging challenges and opportunities. While analysts predict a multi-billion dollar industry, the stakeholders in this emerging market are left to navigate this unique business with conflicting state and federal laws, an all-cash environment, a lack of established financial controls, constantly changing reporting requirements, and a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

That’s why as a leading CPA firm in Michigan, Maner Costerisan has developed proven solutions to help navigate the complexities of medical marijuana (cannabis) markets. The accounting and technology team is comprised of experienced accounting, technology, and advisory professionals who know the systems, processes and best practices of the marijuana industry.

Accountability, Controls and Best Practices

Marijuana Tax Implementation

Comprehensive on-site tax assessments of all marijuana related businesses.  Best practice processes, tools and controls that support integration of sound tax policies.

Marijuana Business Solutions

Financial software that gives you the necessary information to navigate your unique business needs.

Best Practices

Subject matter expertise in providing guidance and documentation to enact best practices for all marijuana related business operations.

Staff Training

Staff training on all aspects of the marijuana industry and related business operations.

Outsourcing Solutions

A comprehensive suite of outsourced services including bookkeeping, audit, tax and technology solutions.

Maner Costerisan CPA and Technology firm is ready to work with the cannabis industry to explore accounting and technology solutions for marijuana. If you are an established or emerging cannabis industry business, reach out to us today,, for a consultation on our services for cannabis (marijuana) in Michigan.

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