Audit Preparation Services

Managing your financial audit process with an accounting staff who already has a full plate can impair progress toward your goals.  When your team does not have the band width to pull together the required documentation, and you don’t have the time for the constant interruptions to interact with auditors. Maner Costerisan’s experienced team can help you prepare for your annual audit and help you manage the audit process, giving back valuable time to you and your staff and offering peace of mind.

How you can benefit from audit preparation services:

  • Do you have key staff who are not available, maternity leave, FMLA, new job, etc., during the time your auditor is scheduled to complete your audit?
  • Do you have new or inexperienced staff? Audit preparation services will help reduce the risk of difficulties during your audit.
  • Do you have accounting staff who don’t understand the CPA lingo or need assistance determining what the auditors are really looking for?
  • Did your auditors have difficulty completing your audit in prior years?
  • Did your audit take longer than planned?
  • Did last year’s audit fees go over budget?
  • Is this your organization’s first audit and you need assistance?
  • Are there new business developments that now require an audit?

Benefits of retaining Maner Costerian’s Audit Preparation Team:

  • Trained and knowledgeable staff, many of whom have experience as part of an audit team.
  • Accurate reconciliations, schedules, and accruals will result in faster audits.
  • Faster and efficient audits may result in lower audit fees.
    You will devote less of your time to the audit process. You will have fewer interruptions, resulting in less stress during the audit.
  • Maner Costerisan’s team will help you with compliance with generally accepted accounting practices.
  • Maner Costerisan’s team will provide assistance in improving efficiencies, strengthening internal controls, and implementing best practices.

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