Roadmap to Maximizing Business Value

Do you understand what truly drives your businesses value or how to increase it?

Under 10% of businesses estimated to be in the market to sell in the next 12 years will sell at or above their desired value. Many others will need to make significant price concessions or may not be ready to close a sale.

Do you know the value of your businesses? Most owners wait too long to take action to increase business value and therefore never realize it. Don’t wait to take action.

Focusing on the effectiveness of your core business functions can align and strengthen your company, improve profitability, enhance access to capital, reduce overall risk, and maximize value.

With a proactive approach to road-mapping the process, you gain a better understanding of your company’s current effectiveness in the eight fundamental business functions. By addressing the strengths and weaknesses in Planning, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, People, Operations, Finance, and Legal functions, you can more effectively plan to improve your business value through reduced risk and greater operating results.

Maner Costerisan’s team is comprised of a Certified Value Growth Advisor (CVGA), CPAs and other professionals that provide you a roadmap to help you increase business value. This methodology has a proven record of success.

Our team is your resource for building business value. Contact us today to get started!

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