Virtual Board & Team Meeting Solutions – Without the Expense!

remote workerCoronavirus (COVID-19) continues to force employees to work from home and businesses to adapt to a new remote-work business model. Although technology has made this process easier, organizations are looking for ways to replicate their in-office culture in a remote environment, including moving meetings to video conference calls.

A couple of the best tools available to host web-based virtual meetings are Zoom and Microsoft Teams. If you are an Office 365 subscriber, Teams is already available to you to take advantage of and offers secure encrypted communications. If not, you’re in luck Microsoft is offering a 6 month free trial of Teams with no obligation. Both offer the ability for audio only and mixed audio / video style hosted meetings. Both have the ability to support small to very large groups of participants and offer the typical screen sharing, document sharing, chat and PowerPoint presentation functions.

Virtual meetings should have clearly set expectations as well. When leading a meeting, it’s important to set basic ground rules, such as asking attendees to join the call on time, closing out email, internet browsers and documents during the meeting, keeping their video on and muting when they aren’t speaking.

Pros of Microsoft Teams

  • Productivity gains and enriched communication.
  • Better focus on your work.
  • Increased transparency.
  • Seamless move to a digital workplace.
  • New team members can more quickly get up to speed.
  • Simple to use calendar functions inside of Outlook.
  • Allows easy file sharing.

Pros of Zoom  

  • Conduct live video chat.
  • Access meeting analytics, such as top users by meeting minutes.
  • Easily screen-share during a call.
  • Use the recording feature to save and document your sessions.
  • Hold brainstorming sessions with Zoom’s on-screen whiteboard feature.

If you need assistance setting up or using either of these applications, Maner technology staff are ready to assist you. We are a Microsoft CSP, able to provide you with the licenses, setup, and training you need to get up and running with Microsoft Teams. Reach out to us today, 517.323.7500, and we can help you get started running successful virtual meetings today!