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Our Mission is You.

Our Story

It’s not actually “about us.” It’s about you. Our coworkers, our clients, our community. For over a century, it’s always been about (and will always be about) helping you reach your potential.

We are Maner Costerisan. We are a full-service public accounting, technology and business consulting firm that has grown into one of the top firms in the Great Lakes region. All because of you.

How? By investing in our people, they can invest in themselves, in their clients and in their communities. By helping our clients formulate, strategize and realize their vision, they can help our community. And the success of our community can obviously ripple out to impact our world.

It all starts here, right here in your backyard. With a group of passionate, driven, focused individuals with a combination of unique and diverse mindsets, skill sets and experiences dedicated to work to their potential, so you can achieve yours.

Maner Costerisan

Focused on your next move.

In business, nothing ever stays the same.

With things moving faster than ever, we’re ready for the now and the next.

Our Commitments

Maner Costerisan Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable others to reach their potential.

Core Values

We believe in our core values.  They shape how we work and help us reach our goals. They guide us as we advise our clients and contribute to our community. They help us grow as professionals and influence our profession. Most importantly, they play an integral role in helping us fulfill our mission.

We Listen actively and with an open mind. This is who we are and how we work. This is why we are able to support our clients and our community with what they need to succeed. And, why our team members, with their unique perspectives and ideas, feel heard and empowered.

We Look Ahead to keep providing the skills and expertise our clients need to reach their potential. We learn, adapt, and relentlessly pursue what’s next. We are proactive and get in front of issues. We plan for the future.

We Invest in Our People by being advisors in different industries and being comfortable with challenges. Our team members are provided opportunities for personal growth and career satisfaction. We train our people and they advise, give back, and empower our clients and community.

We Build Relationships that Last. It’s all about the experience! We believe in providing amazing client service and keeping our clients at the heart of our Mission. Maintaining our personal, long-lasting, relationships with clients is part of our foundation. This helps us be by their side today so we can help plan their tomorrow and enable them to reach their potential.

Maner Costerisan believes in the power of a strong community. In fact, we believe it so much we created a whole community outreach program around it called Maner Costerisan Cares. And it’s a whole lot more than words. Our program centers around empowerment.

First off, we empower our community members by utilizing our advisory capabilities to provide education and training. Plus, we empower our local nonprofits by investing in them so they can help our community.  And, we empower our staff with the time and resources to support community initiatives they’re passionate about.


We also believe empowerment has a big place in our company community. We are committed to creating a culture that empowers individuals of all mindsets, skill sets, backgrounds and experiences.  We know that when one part of our corporate community thrives our whole corporate community thrives.

Our Commitment Statement: Maner Costerisan is committed to creating a culture that embraces Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This dedication is illustrated through the development of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program which is intended to increase employee engagement and ensure all Maner employees thrive in a culture that values the differences in our current and prospective team members and our clients. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a long-term investment and we are committed to ensuring it grows and thrives at Maner.

We are an independent member of the BDO Alliance USA, a nationwide association of independently owned local and regional accounting, consulting and service firms with similar client service goals.

By supplementing our services, the BDO Alliance USA allows us to:

  • Enhance our client services and broaden our capabilities overall
  • Expand our domestic and international coverage
  • Gain greater technical knowledge in specialty areas
  • Utilize professionals with experience in a wide range of industries
  • Access the most up-to-date technical information
  • Participate in the latest training programs
  • Provide our clients with key contacts and sophisticated professionals throughout the U.S.

The BDO Alliance USA brings us the necessary tools to help us better serve our clients with greater flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Putting Our Clients First has Made Us Number One.

The Numbers Don’t Lie. Our awards and ratings say it all for us.

We have earned Clearly Rated’s 2021 Best of Accounting Award, not to mention a client rating of 4.8 out of five stars. Remarkable service really does add up.


4.8 Star

Client Rating



Best of Accounting
Client Satisfaction Award


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It’s Not Just a Career. It’s an Investment in Your Future.

We bank on our employees. We put in the passion, purpose, support, leadership and opportunity that grows our team members and our team. Simply put, we invest in your career so you can too.

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