Risk Management

With Risk Management
There Are No Small Frauds

Invest in a sound risk management strategy and create a stronger, more secure workplace.  


Stay ahead.

Anticipate risk.

Predict and prevent risk.  


Respond and restore.  

No organization can afford to have its bottom line or reputation damaged by fraud. And – as statistics continue to reveal – fraud doesn’t discriminate between small companies, large companies, nonprofits, or government entities. Organizations of all kinds can be impacted, which only highlights the importance of investing in proper risk management to stay ahead of it and help mitigate the likelihood your business will experience fraud.  

If you haven’t evaluated your processes recently, there are undoubtedly areas of improvement in risk management to consider. Whether you have some unexpected holes in your current financial processes, people taking actions that might not be in your best interest, or the ability for theft to occur thanks to a lack of internal controls, our risk management experts can help you address your deficiencies and build a plan of action that predicts and prevents risk before it happens.   

At Maner Costerisan, we focus on proactive risk management solutions that help make your business more financial sound and secure. Our CPAs and certified fraud examiners leverage their years of experience to expose areas of concern and opportunities for fraud you may have never thought of.  

Your reputation is important, and together, we’ll work to ensure it stays as solid and strong as it is today.  

Effective risk management policies and procedures are essential tools that help your organization anticipate risks – both internally and externally – and stay ahead of issues.   

We can expose your currently vulnerabilities through comprehensive risk assessments that include interviews with your staff and stakeholders associated with specific processes and procedures. Insights gathered from these conversations, combined with a thorough review of each step of your current financial process, will help us highlight potential risks and offer solutions on how to reduce them.

Risk Management 101

Risk management is a process that helps organizations uncover potential opportunities for fraud.

Properly managed risks can lead to more effective strategic planning, better resource allocation, and improved overall performance. 


Risk can come from various different sources and places within your organization. You could be experiencing internal process risk, external factors, regulatory changes, technology challenges and more. 


Risk management assessment helps in the prioritization of the risk based on the severity and the organization’s current tolerance for risk. 


We take the information gathered and assessed to implement controls, processes, policies, and procedures to aid in preventing the organization from facing the same risks in the future. 

Reporting & Monitoring 

Reporting and monitoring provides insights into the progress of implementation efforts and whether any adjustments are necessary. 


We’ll test and evaluate your controls to ensure your organization operates as effectively as possible. Then, we’ll prioritize our findings and provide a report to help you strategically plan how to make realistic improvements.

Concerned your team is spinning its wheels on manual or duplicative tasks? Our process review experts collaborate to dig into your current processes and uncover opportunities to make them more effective, efficient, and measurable, so you can focus on what matters most.  


Our team of experts will operate as an extension of your team to test and ensure that documented controls are in place and effective.


We partner with clients to understand and shape their organization’s big-picture strategy by identifying financial, operational, and social vulnerabilities. From there, we create a holistic plan with recommendations to mitigate risks. 


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