Defined Benefit Plan Management

When the Plan is Defined
but the Risks are Great

Our Experts Can Help Manage the Asset Pool and the Goals of the People Who are Counting on it.

Managing the dollars in a large asset pool is a tremendous responsibility that takes vision, skill and expertise. At Maner Wealth, to properly manage a business’ defined benefit plan, our expert team takes into consideration investment volatility, asset liquidity and fiduciary obligations.

​For you, that means reduced liability and the potential for reduced costs and fees. But we do more than that. We offer employees financial guidance, giving them more control of their financial futures so their hard work helps them live the life they envision.


Getting you to where you want to be by removing any unnecessary risk and preventing costly mistakes.

Our experts help organizations meet federal requirements and design benefits plans that help attract and retain top talent.

Our team provides comprehensive audits of employee benefit plans, ensuring efficient and accurate plan management and compliance with federal regulations.

From special projects to M&A, we offer the variety of critical consulting and advisory services you need for your business to reach its goals.

With big-picture thinking, we help businesses define the actionable short-term steps to achieve their long-term goals.

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