Peer Review

Committed to a Continuously
Improving Industry.

It’s a Profession. A Discipline. And an Honor. We Take All Those Things Very Seriously.

We help other firms be their best. Maner Costerisan has been trusted by multiple CPA firms across the country to conduct peer reviews and give open, honest and constructive guidance.

Whether a system or engagement review, we always honor our responsibility to the industry. We are committed to enhancing quality accounting and auditing services of any firm that is held to the high standards of the American Institute of CPAs.


Our experts will help your clients gather real-time insight into data, integrate disparate systems and make more informed decisions.

A certified Intacct partner, our team of experts can help your clients transition to cloud-based accounting software.

We can help support your clients with any additional consulting and advisory services that can help them reach their goals.

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