Financial Statement & Audit Preparation

The Time for Audit
Isn’t the Time to Panic.

You Won’t Have to Worry or Stress about What’s Next.

Every company, government entity or nonprofit expects a financial audit to be transparent and ethical. They also anticipate it to be a painstaking endeavor. Maner Costerisan can help. First, we prepare your team with clear communication as to what the auditors will be looking for. Then, our years of experience and proven methods lead to efficient, well-prepared financial audits that can help save you time and money.

Our deep technical knowledge of accounting is second to none. And our helpful, team-centric approach helps relieve stress while keeping you compliant and better informed.


Bringing deep technical and compliance knowledge to make sure every job is set up for success.

To better forecast and plan for the future, we can summarize statements and develop KPIs for better decision making.

Do you have key people who aren’t available for an audit? New or inexperienced staff? Audit preparation services will help reduce the risk of difficulties during your audit.

Expertise with complex reporting requirements that helps you navigate today’s rapidly-changing business environment.

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