Litigation Support

Experts That Will Fight For You.

We shine a bright light throughout your organization to help support you in any situation, big or small.

With so much at stake, Maner Costerisan’s litigation services experts will be a rock-solid guiding force during turbulent and emotional times.

Our team of CPAs and Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) oversee detailed investigations – uncovering the where and how, outlining losses and potential breakdowns, and serving as expert witnesses on complex transactions to ensure you’re as protected as can be.


In fraud cases, our team gets all the facts straight as quickly as possible and delivers a straightforward, concise report for you.

We think about the big picture and small details to provide expert guidance and focused conclusions during times when emotions can cloud the facts.

We can provide expert opinion and extensive knowledge in certain disputes or consult if you need an expert witness. 

We understand the emotional toll this time may have. Therefore, our team of experts will investigate and identify financial discrepancies between your finances and your business.

Often litigation ends with disputes on potential profits.  We help determine the amount of profits lost for the business and provide expert testimony and reports based on concise calculations.

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