Forensic Examinations

Uncover the Facts Quickly and Precisely.

Tackle complex investigations and financial fraud cases with the forensic experts at Maner Costerisan. 

Our experienced team of CPAs and Certified Fraud Examiners is at the forefront of financial forensics, skillfully navigating complex investigations and confidently delivering expert testimony. We partner closely with clients to tackle the most intricate financial challenges, helping them identify and recover losses due to fraud and working to prevent future incidents from occurring.  

We follow a rigorous and methodical process to ensure our examination is thorough, accurate, and reliable. 

We embrace cutting-edge technology and leverage software tools that expedite processes and enhance the accuracy and reliability of our findings. The team at Maner is committed to guiding our clients through the process, ensuring they receive an accurate, detailed, and timely forensic examination – reinforcing our reputation as a leading provider of financial forensic services.  

First – We begin by collecting and analyzing data relevant to the investigation, including financial records, documents, and other pertinent information.

Second – Our team conducts in-depth interviews with those individuals, employees, or customers with knowledge or information about the situation.

Third – After speaking to the appropriate parties, we begin to analyze and test the accuracy and validity of the data.

Lastly – and most importantly – we provide you with a detailed report summarizing our findings, including suggestions for corrective actions to avoid similar problems down the road.

Fraud is more prevalent than one may think.  

Forensic examinations can be valuable for organizations that suspect fraud or other misconduct.

  1. According to the Association of Certified Examiners, small businesses lose an estimated 5% of their revenue to fraud each year. 
  2. The median loss due to fraud for small businesses is $150,000
  3. 45% of small businesses that experienced fraud in the past two years did not recover any losses. Forensic examinations can help increase the likelihood of recovery.


We can provide expert opinion and extensive knowledge in certain disputes or consult if you need an expert witness. 


Often litigation ends with disputes on potential profits.  We help determine the amount of profits lost for the business and provide expert testimony and reports based on concise calculations.


Our team of experts will operate as an extension of your team to test and ensure that documented controls are in place and effective.