Periodic Control Testing and Internal Audits

Test Your Controls.
Secure Your Future.

Don’t Become Another Statistic – Test & Improve Your Controls Today. 

Visiting the doctor, scheduling a car tune-up—aren’t the only types of checkups we should invest in. As business leaders, it’s essential we assess the internal financial controls that keep our organization secure and reliable. That’s why a periodic control test is so important for an organization’s long-term health. 

Our team of process control review experts are here to invest in the health and safety of your organization by testing the policies, procedures, and processes within your financial department. We bring a fresh perspective and utilize smart approaches to identify any weaknesses or gaps in your systems. From there, we will help create corrective action plans that reduce the risk of errors, fraud, and other compliance issues. After all, regularly assuming those processes that might be years old are “just fine” is no way to ensure optimal organizational performance in the long term. 

Testing your controls today can save you from hard times down the road.  

The team at Maner Costerisan can help you put policies and procedures in place to help protect your organization from fraud. 

Internal fraud is more prevalent than you might think, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  

Asset misappropriation schemes are the most common types of fraud that include:

  • Check and payment tampering
  • Billing schemes
  • Skimming money
  • Payroll fraud, among others

Nearly half of all occupational frauds came from these four departments:

The presence of anti-fraud controls is associated with lower fraud losses quicker fraud detection. 

Small businesses (fewer than 100 employees) had the highest median loss at $150,000. 


Operations: 15%

Accounting: 12%

Sales: 11%

Executive/upper management: 11% 


Properly incorporating technology is important to every business. Our technical knowledge and expertise can help you get the most out of your investments. 


Gain efficiencies and reduce stress by adding a team of experts instead of a dedicated staff. 


We’ll develop and implement restructuring programs to help you navigate challenging waters and alter the operational structure where needed.


We’ll help you set and manage your goals and evaluate your needs to ensure you’re creating a scalable growth management plan for success.

Our team of experts asks tough questions, outlining opportunities and risks and flagging potential challenges. As a result, we can help your organization craft a detailed long-term plan that’s clear, concise, and achieves your goal.