Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning to Drive Your Goals,
Vision and Legacy.

When You’re Working Toward Something Big, We Can Plan the Moves to Make and Help You Deliver on Your Strategic Plan.  

Beyond the product or service, a winning strategy is what guides a successful organization. And the foundation of any winning strategy is a detailed, actionable, and realistic strategic plan. One that accounts for ups and downs, challenges and opportunities, and one that aligns with the company or nonprofit’s long-term goals.  

Maner Costerisan’s multi-disciplinary team of strategic planning experts helps organizations develop strong and sound strategic plans. We bring a variety of skillsets to the table to help you clarify your goals, confirm alignment against your values and execute your long-term objectives. Grounded in a deep understanding of your financial foundation, we help you craft a step-by-step plan that ensures your organization is well-prepared for any challenges and opportunities ahead.  

We help you facilitate insightful discussions, ensure the right stakeholders have a seat at the table, and guide your organization through the entire process. With expertise across a number of different industries, we know the questions to ask, the potential barriers to success, and the tactics that can help you execute your short- and long-term goals. 

Let our team of strategy experts help you craft a plan that helps you get to where you want to be.  

What is Strategic Planning?  

Whether you’re running a business or leading a nonprofit, having a strategic plan is like having a trusted map and compass to guide your organization’s path to success. It helps you navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and ultimately reach your desired destination. 

A sound strategic plan helps you answer important questions like: 

Where are we headed?

It sets clear objectives and a vision for your organization’s future, giving everyone a shared destination. 

How will we get there?

It outlines the specific strategies and steps you’ll take to reach your goals, like choosing the right routes on a map. 

What tools do we need?

It identifies the resources, budget, and people required for your journey, ensuring you’re well-prepared. 

When will we reach our destination?

It includes timelines and milestones, helping you track progress and stay on course. 

How will we know if we're succeeding?

It defines metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your progress and adjust your plan as needed. 

Why should your organization invest the time and effort into building a solid strategic plan?   

  • Provides Direction: It sets clear goals and priorities, guiding the organization’s efforts.  
  • Helps You Optimize Resource Use: Ensures efficient allocation of resources, preventing waste and duplication of efforts.  
  • Promotes Adaptability: It allows flexibility in response to evolving circumstances.  
  • Fosters Teamwork: A good strategic plan aligns teams with a shared vision and purpose.  
  • Tracks Your Progress: It establishes measurable milestones and KPIs to keep you on track and accountable.  
  • Engages Stakeholders: It enhances communication and support from stakeholders.  
  • Gives You a Competitive Edge: A solid strategic plan identifies opportunities and threats, promoting competitiveness.  
  • Ensures Your Sustainability: It maintains a strong focus on the long-term mission and vision so you don’t get lost in daily tasks. 

Why choose Maner Costerisan to help develop your organization’s strategic plan?  

The consulting team at Maner Costerisan works closely with our clients to develop stronger strategic plans. We bring real-world expertise and provide an objective viewpoint, ensuring the plans we create fit your organization’s unique needs. We listen to your needs and work efficiently to build actionable, realistic plans to establish measurable outcomes. Our team helps your team identify and manage risks and align your internal stakeholders, and we offer encouragement along the way, helping to determine areas for ongoing improvement. Our collaborative approach ensures our clients benefit from their strategic plans right away. 

What Does the Strategic Planning Process Look Like?

Discovery & Understanding

Mission, Vision & Values Alignment

SWOT Analysis & Strategic Pillar Alignment

Strategic Plan Development

Plan Presentation, Agreement, & Execution


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