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Preparing for Anything.
Strategic Planning for Everything.

When you’re working toward something big, we can plan the moves to make and deliver expert guidance from start to finish.

Beyond the product or service, a winning strategy guides a successful business. Our strategic planning process starts with financial fundamentals, then adds a multi-disciplinary team of experts to develop individual detailed plans to help you achieve long-term goals.

Maner Costerisan can help you dig into your strategic business plan and identify your strategic planning process. We’ll determine gaps and areas of opportunity, then ask the tough questions to ensure you’re going in the right direction toward meeting your objectives.


We partner with you to develop the right plan that allows you to move on from the business under your terms, whether six months or six years from now.


Our team of experts asks tough questions, outlining opportunities and risks and flagging potential challenges. As a result, we can help your organization craft a detailed long-term plan that’s clear, concise, and achieves your goal.


We’ll help you set and manage your goals and evaluate your needs to ensure you’re creating a scalable growth management plan for success.

We’ll deliver a roadmap of your core business functions that directly impact your profitability, business risks, and value— knowing these details allows owners to select the best exit option, build value and prepare for a sale.

We’ll develop and implement restructuring programs to help you navigate challenging waters and alter the operational structure where needed.

​​Interested in learning whether your next big idea could work? We’ll partner with you to understand and evaluate your project from a variety of angles and will guide you to make the most informed decision on your next move.

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