Exit Strategy

Focused on your next big move,
even if it’s 10 years away.

We’ll deliver a roadmap of your core business functions that directly impact your profitability, business risks, and value—investing the resources today to help you reap future rewards.  

Only 20% of the businesses that are estimated to enter the market for sale by 2030 will begin the process “market-ready” to sell at value.  

How can you make sure you’re one of them? 

Investing in the infrastructure of your business today can help make for a more lucrative tomorrow.  

By implementing a proven methodology, Maner Costerisan can help you align and strengthen your company, improve profitability, enhance access to capital, reduce overall risk, and maximize value.  

Retire with the peace of mind that you sold your company for all that it was worth — to you and to your buyer.  

Value growth services is a specialized form of exit strategy planning.

Below is a glimpse into the timing and proven process our team leverages to help ensure your exit strategy helps you achieve your goals. 

Phase 1:


Maner Costerisan’s certified value growth advisers begin by examining the current state of your business and focusing on its core functions.  

We dig deep into your business to go beyond the financial measurables. We outline areas of opportunity, identify issues where the leadership team needs to focus on improvements, and determine the core strengths.  

Phase 2:


With a deeper understanding of your company’s strengths and weaknesses, we will help you and your team prepare a customized plan that focuses on areas in need in order to minimize your risk, improve your results and achieve a higher value.  

Phase 3: 


We will work together to execute your goals. We also are here to support when things don’t always go according to plan — unexpected employee departure, unforeseen economic circumstances, among others. We can continue to act in an advisory role to help keep you on track.  


Our expert team includes certified business valuation advisors to analyze and determine the value of your business.

Are you looking at selling your business or have a buyer ready? We understand your side and the buyers and are prepared to help you from the initial listing and investigation to the final evaluation.

We partner with you to develop the right plan that allows you to move on from the business under your terms, whether six months or six years from now.

Strategies that coordinate and optimize your retirement income sources with the goal of delivering the best possible retirement outcome.

We start by focusing on your individual and family goals, then proactively identify tax-saving opportunities.

Strategies that seek to anticipate and arrange the transition of your estate to achieve your priorities while minimizing costs and taxes.