Lost Profit Calculations

Simplify your lost profits recovery process with the experts from Maner Costerisan.

Get an accurate assessment of potential lost profits and return to a profitable position  

Navigating the complex world of lost profit calculations demands a deep comprehension of accounting, financial scrutiny, and operational understanding. Collaborating with an experienced firm like Maner Costerisan can be invaluable for business owners and leaders facing such challenges.

Our team tackles lost profit concerns in various legal contexts, including contract breaches, intellectual property violations, and business interruption claims. Utilizing our deep accounting and financial expertise, we meticulously examine pertinent financial information and data to appraise the extent of lost profits in many different cases. 

Working with Maner Costerisan can help organizations accurately calculate lost profits, recover the damages they are owed, and protect your best interests. 

Even the smallest errors can significantly impact the calculation of lost profits.

We leverage our strong analytical skills to interpret complex financial information and make accurate projections about future earnings.

We also know how important it is to communicate the result of our findings and explain our calculations in a way you can understand. We work to simplify our findings and explain our methodology so you know what we’ve done and how we got there.  

Lost profit calculations can be complex and require a thorough understanding of accounting principles, financial analysis, and the business’s operations.

That’s why it can benefit a business experiencing lost profit to partner with a firm like Maner Costerisan.

Our team of experts can help in several ways:


Generating accurate calculations: Maner Costerisan has the expertise to accurately calculate lost profits and present the information clearly and concisely. We analyze financial data, market trends, and other relevant information to estimate your lost profits. 

Providing expert witness testimony: If the case goes to trial, Maner Costerisan can provide expert testimony to explain the lost profit calculations to the court. We present our findings clearly and concisely, helping the court understand the extent of the damages suffered. 

Negotiating settlements: In some cases, lost profit calculations may be used to negotiate a settlement before the case goes to trial. Maner Costerisan can help businesses understand the strength of their case and negotiate a settlement that accurately reflects the damages suffered. 

Understanding potential tax implications: Lost profit calculations can have significant tax implications, and Maner Costerisan can help organizations understand the tax consequences of any settlement or judgment. Our team of experts can help businesses structure payments tax-efficiently, minimizing the tax impact. 


We can provide expert opinion and extensive knowledge in certain disputes or consult if you need an expert witness. 


We start by focusing on your individual and family goals, then proactively identify tax-saving opportunities.


We think about the big picture and small details to provide expert guidance and focused conclusions during times when emotions can cloud the facts.


Industry trends are ever-changing, but it is important to know and understand them to ensure you are always ahead. We can help analyze trends for your industry and help strategize for the future.