Shareholder Disputes

Get Smart, Expert Advice on Shareholder Disputes.

Resolve shareholder disputes and facilitate agreements without compromising your interests with the help from the experts at Maner Costerisan. 

Navigating the intricate landscape of financial disputes can often leave you feeling exposed, especially when dealing with fellow stakeholders. Our seasoned professionals excel at unearthing and dissecting crucial information, crafting persuasive, independent cases, and standing as reliable witnesses on your behalf. In addition, we aim to broker resolutions and foster harmony among parties, ensuring your business remains on its path to success. 

We leverage our expertise in accounting and financial analysis to help clarify issues and provide objective analysis to support the resolution of your shareholder dispute. We can value your business, determine damages, and assess financial mismanagement while maintaining objectivity – critical in disputes where the facts can get messy. Our experience and independence build credibility and trust in the process – two essential ingredients to resolving disputes. 

Here To Support You

We’re experts in assisting in the negotiation and settlement of issues, providing objective analysis, and identifying potential solutions that meet the needs of all parties. And if you cannot come to a resolution on your own, we can provide expert testimony in court or arbitration proceedings to help ensure the financial details discussed in the case are accurate and complete.

Shareholder disputes can be costly and disruptive to a company's operations.

According to a study by NERA Economic Consulting, the average cost of a shareholder dispute in the US is $3.3 million, ranging from $50,000 to $500 million.

Shareholder disputes involving mergers and acquisitions are the most expensive.

Shareholder disputes can occur for various reasons, including disagreements over corporate governance, executive compensation, shareholder rights, and conflicts of interest.

Shareholder disputes can also lead to reputational damage for a company, as negative publicity can impact the perception of customers, investors, and other stakeholders. Those costs can be hard to articulate but substantial.


We can provide expert opinion and extensive knowledge in certain disputes or consult if you need an expert witness.



Our expert team includes certified business valuation advisors to analyze and determine the value of your business.


We partner with clients to understand and shape their organization’s big-picture strategy by identifying financial, operational, and social vulnerabilities. From there, we create a holistic plan with recommendations to mitigate risks. 


We’ll develop and implement restructuring programs to help you navigate challenging waters and alter the operational structure where needed.