Enterprise Risk Management

Identify Risks and Avoid Unexpected Losses with the Help of Enterprise Risk Management.

See a more complete picture of your organization’s risks and opportunities.  

Enterprise Risk Management, or ERM, involves systematically identifying and addressing potential events that may pose risks to achieving strategic objectives or hinder opportunities for gaining a competitive advantage. By taking a holistic view of your entire organization – rather than focusing on specific business units or functions – we can help you identify and assess risks and avoid unexpected losses across the business.  

Our team of ERM experts guide clients through the process, starting with conducting a comprehensive risk assessment. We identify potential risks at all levels of the organization, analyze their impact and evaluate the likelihood and damage they could cost.  

We’ll develop strategies that mitigate those risks, improve operational efficiency and compliance – helping ensure your reputation stays strong and fraud remains out of the picture. 

Investing in an effective ERM program has tremendous benefits, including:  

Improved operational efficiency: The ERM experts at Maner Costerisan can assist organizations in identifying inefficiencies and process bottlenecks, leading to cost savings through process improvements and automation. 

Better decision-making: ERM gives decision-makers a holistic view of the organization’s risks, allowing them to make informed decisions and prioritize resources accordingly. 

Reduced risk of financial losses: By identifying and mitigating potential risks, we can help reduce the likelihood of any non-compliance with legal, regulatory or reporting requirements. 

Enhanced stakeholder confidence and reduced stress: A well-designed ERM program can help increase stakeholder confidence in the organization’s ability to manage risks, leading to increased investment, customer loyalty, and employee morale. 


Our team of experts will operate as an extension of your team to test and ensure that documented controls are in place and effective.  


Our team of experts asks tough questions, outlining opportunities and risks and flagging potential challenges. As a result, we can help your organization craft a detailed long-term plan that’s clear, concise, and achieves your goal.


Any size business now has access to CFO insight, data, expertise and guidance.

Leveraging cloud-based technology, we can help you create a seamless system that simplifies complex processes and improves overall efficiency.

Businesses need data to drive them, not overwhelm them. Beyond knowing what to measure, Maner Costerisan understands where to look for the stories hiding in the numbers and provides valuable visual reporting mechanisms to tell those stories.