Expert Witness Testimony

Taking a Stand for You.

We provide expert opinion and extensive knowledge when in certain disputes or consult if you need an expert witness.  

Securing the truth and facts is of the utmost importance during the trial. Maner Costerisan’s team of experts skillfully examines the intricate financial details and facts, serving as a reliable and independent source of verification.  

Enlisting the expertise of a trusted CPA firm like Maner Costerisan as a witness in legal disputes can be a game-changer, especially when detailed accounting or financial matters need a decisive resolution. As respected professionals throughout the Great Lakes region, we bring credibility and objectivity, expertly analyzing financial data and shedding light on detailed financial concepts and loss calculations. We can present and simplify complex knowledge so a judge or jury can grasp results in a more effective testimony. And our vast technical know-how, complemented by a meticulous approach to dissecting financial data, further supports our testimony, making our team an invaluable asset in such proceedings. 

With a wealth of experience in testifying at depositions across all levels, we offer unrivaled expertise and stand as a beacon of credibility in a sea of uncertainty. Our unwavering commitment to accuracy and precision in financial analysis ensures you have a rigorous and objective understanding of the situation. 

Securing the Truth

A CPA may be called upon to provide expert witness testimony in various legal cases involving financial matters. Here are some situations where a CPA firm, like Maner Costerisan, may be used as an expert witness: 


Business disputes: CPAs may be called upon to provide testimony in business disputes, such as breach of contract, partnership disputes, or shareholder disputes. We can provide expert opinions on financial matters, such as business valuation, damages, or accounting irregularities.

Divorce proceedings: We may also be called upon to provide testimony in divorce proceedings where complex financial issues are involved, such as property division, spousal support, or child support. We can provide expert opinions on financial matters and help ensure financial problems are resolved fairly and accurately.

Fraud investigations: CPAs may be called upon to provide testimony in cases involving fraud or financial misconduct, such as embezzlement, Ponzi schemes, or accounting fraud. We can help identify financial irregularities, calculate damages, and provide expert opinions.

Bankruptcy cases: We may be called upon to provide testimony in bankruptcy cases, such as in determining the value of assets, calculating the amount of debt, or analyzing financial statements.

Loss calculations: CPAs often are called to opine on the accuracy and reasonableness of a calculation of lost profits or damages.


We understand the emotional toll this time may have. Therefore, our team of experts will investigate and identify financial discrepancies between your finances and your business.


In fraud cases, our team gets all the facts straight as quickly as possible and delivers a straightforward, concise report for you.


Often litigation ends with disputes on potential profits.  We help determine the amount of profits lost for the business and provide expert testimony and reports based on concise calculations.


Transform your decision-making with KPIs that accurately pinpoint opportunity and tell a more complete story of your business.