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Peer Review: Ethics Standard Updates

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Wondering what’s going on in ethics standard setting?

Starting with the May meeting of the Professional Ethics Executive Committee, the AICPA will publish a webcast of the full meeting a day or two after each quarterly meeting in case you can’t attend in real time. Time stamps will be included so it will be easy for you to find discussion about the projects you’re interested in.

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After May 13, you’ll be able to find the webcasts at

In case you missed it in the last PR Prompts, the AICPA is in the process of migrating ethics content from to To ensure publications are easy to find, “vanity” URLs have been created. Make a note of these and you’ll be able to find the content where it currently lives and later, the transition will be seamless for you:

  • This is where you’ll find the Code of Professional Conduct and many tools and resources, such as the Plain English guide to independence, Ethics Questions and Answers, and more.
  • Go here to find exposure drafts and comment letters, final releases of new authoritative guidance, and related content.
  • Would you like to stay current with AICPA ethics activities and get CPE credits while you’re at it? This link lets you register to attend quarterly PEEC meetings!
  • Have you ever wondered about the details of the investigative process and how the AICPA collaborates with state societies to perform joint investigations? Use this link to find the answers to all your questions about Joint Ethics Enforcement Program.
  • As the URL suggests, this is where individuals may go to find out how to file a complaint against an AICPA member.

If you have any issues or questions about ethics content, simply email

If you have any questions about the peer review ethics standard and where to find information, please reach out to our Peer Review experts at or by calling us at 517-323-7500.

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