Redefine Your Career in
Accounting at Maner Costerisan.

If you’re looking for a firm that will hear your voice, appreciate your work, and provide you opportunities to stretch, you’ve found us. 

You’ve earned the degrees and certifications. You’re a seasoned accounting professional and you’re darn good at what you do. You’ve met with clients of all kinds, worked on projects both big and small. Had incredible wins and made unfortunate mistakes (all that you’ve learned from, of course). And you’ve grown a lot throughout your career journey.  

What’s different now than when you first started out?  

You’re experienced. You know what work inspires you, what kind of work you don’t enjoy, and what matters most to you in life.  

And you want more from your employer.  

The Maner Costerisan Difference 

There’s a reason why Maner Costerisan has been named to Accounting Today’s “Best Firms to Work For” list for eight years in a row and why we’ve grown into a top-150 firm nationally (ranked #140 by Inside Public Accounting in 2023).  

It’s simple – we trust and invest in our people, so they can invest in our clients and their communities.   

We provide our team with opportunities to learn, grow and define their own unique career paths. And – most importantly – we understand each person is human and has an important life to live outside of the office.  

Treating our team like people instead of cogs in a machine – trusting them to do good work, manage their schedules and do their best for our clients – is what sets us apart from so many other CPA firms.  

Whether you’re looking for a new role that will challenge you, are bored with your current career path, or you’re searching for a firm that allows you to bring your authentic self to work every day, take the next step at Maner Costerisan.  

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A Generous Benefits Package That Benefits Everyone.  

We understand that for our clients to be treated well, we must treat our team well. That’s why we invest in you so you can be at your best for yourself, your family and for the firm. That investment begins with our benefits package.  

Hybrid, remote and in-office work schedules. Career training and certification bonuses. The ability to attend conferences and learn new skills. Maternity and parental leave. And flexible work arrangements that allow you to pick your child up when you get a call from the school office. 

Here are some additional highlights from our generous benefits package: 

Health & Wellbeing

  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance
  • Employer Provided Life & Disability Insurance
  • Corporate Wellness Program & Reimbursements
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Financial Wellness

  • 401k Retirement Plan with Profit Sharing
  • Company contributions to HSA plans
  • Professional dues & CPA Exam reimbursement
  • Financial education courses

Work/Life Balance

  • Paid Holidays and PTO
  • Flex-time
  • Remote work opportunities & flexible work schedules
  • “Dress for Your Day” opportunities

Professional Development

  • Company leadership training
  • Company-funded continuing education programs
  • Coaching and Mentoring Program
  • Professional development conferences/events reimbursements

A firm where everybody knows your name.  

At a midsize firm like Maner Costerisan, leadership knows your name. You’ll have the opportunity to take on more responsibility and have a direct impact on the firm’s operations, our clients and your own professional growth. With a greater chance to work more closely with clients to understand their unique challenges, you’re given space to identify solutions while being supported when you could use some additional brainpower to solve a problem.  

Rapid career advancement, a clearer path to partner, and an open approach to new and innovative ideas that solve our clients problems are just a few of the additional benefits of working at a midsize firm like Maner. We don’t stifle ideas, we build an environment that helps those with creative solutions thrive.   

If you have a particular area of interest – say, working with nonprofits or local governments – we can support your specialization by offering more hands-on experience working with clients in these specific industries.  

It can be easy to get lost in a large firm and for your personal contributions to be overlooked or credited to others. More layers of hierarchy can mean it takes longer for you to get promoted or secure leadership roles. That’s one thing you don’t have to worry about at Maner – our size allows you to gather new experiences, learn the names of your colleagues and work closely with clients, without having to worry about getting lost in the shuffle.  

Community Focus

Making a difference in the communities where we live and work.  

Maner Costerisan believes in the power of a strong community. In fact, we believe it so much we created a whole community outreach program around it called Maner Costerisan Cares. And it’s a whole lot more than words. Our program centers around empowerment. 

First off, we empower our community members by utilizing our advisory capabilities to provide education and training. Plus, we empower our local nonprofits by investing in them so they can help our community.  And, we empower our staff with the time and resources to support community initiatives they’re passionate about. 

Career Development Program


At Maner Costerisan, we are always focused on your next move. With things moving faster than ever, we’re dedicated to keeping you ready for the now and the next.

We believe in rewarding hard work, skill and creativity by placing employees on a fast track to success through our four-tiered Career Development Program. 

At Maner Costerisan, the Opportunities Speak for Themselves.

I wanted to work for a firm where I felt I could make an impact. I loved seeing Maner in the community and supporting the local areas that I lived in. The firm has a great reputation throughout town and I’m proud to be a part of the team.

Katie Hamilton, CPA, Principal, Director, Tax

The clients that we get to work with are some of the best in their respective industries and the partners/associates provide a wealth of knowledge to learn from. Corporate culture could not be better. It is truly fun to come to work.

Joel Korson, Senior Manager, Audit

I chose Maner because of the opportunities available and the people. I stay because I love being a part of such a talented team with leadership that enables me to grow and excel.

Toni Horsch, Senior Manager, Accounting & Outsourced