Data Visualization and Impactful Reporting

Real-time Streaming of Your Analytics

Data visualization for simplified reports and quick insights yielding better decisions with personalized dashboards and automatically published sharable reports. 

Elevate your business to new heights by harnessing the prowess of Microsoft Power BI and its dynamic dashboarding or other dashboarding options that work for your business. The experts at Maner Costerisan can help your organization gain a competitive advantage through visually striking and versatile data wisdom that can help propel quicker and more-informed decisions.  

Our team can work with you to determine the most important KPIs for your business and leverage Power BI or another dashboarding software to create interactive and easy-to-read dashboards that help you quickly understand and communicate complex data.  

Easy to use and integrate within your current data source, Maner Costerisan can utilize tools to help you identify trends, patterns, and insights that might otherwise be difficult to spot.

We make it easy for you to make better decisions and plan for what’s next.  

With the guidance of the team at Maner, reporting with visual key reporting indicators and accountability metrics can help leaders gain insights into key areas of their organization, make informed decisions, and drive growth and profitability. 

A few examples of the types of data our dashboard reporting can include: 

Sales and revenue metrics:

Help track sales and revenue metrics such as revenue by product, revenue by region, revenue by customer, and revenue trends over time. This information can help business owners identify areas of growth or decline and make informed decisions about marketing and sales strategies. 

Customer engagement and satisfaction:

Provide insights into customer engagement and satisfaction metrics such as customer retention rates, customer lifetime value, customer complaints, and customer feedback.  

Inventory management:

The system can track inventory metrics such as turnover, stockouts, and excess inventory. This information can help leaders optimize inventory levels, reduce waste, and improve supply chain management. 

Financial performance:

Provide insights into financial performance metrics such as profit margins, cash flow, and return on investment. These insights help leaders make informed investment decisions, pricing strategies, and cost management. 


Leveraging the right cloud-based software, we will streamline your budgeting process, improve transparency, and give you real-time data at the push of a button.


Transform your decision-making with KPIs that accurately pinpoint opportunity and tell a more complete story of your business.


Gain efficiencies and reduce stress by adding a team of experts instead of a dedicated staff.


Leveraging cloud-based technology, our business technology consultants will create a seamless system that simplifies processes, improves overall efficiency and saves time and money.