Develop A Roadmap for Your Exit Strategy

No Matter What Stage You Are In: We Can Help


If you’re a business owner trying to decide your next step in selling but constantly wondering, “What do I need to do, and where do I start?”

Careful and thought-out planning is the key to reaching your goals. It takes time to execute a successful plan, therefore the sooner you start, the greater your opportunity for success!

Let us help you by evaluating, planning, and executing your exit plan to improve your odds of ultimately reaching your goals.

” The earlier you can start your planning, the better. That way, you’re increasing the value of your business and boosting your bottom line along the way.”

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Develop a Roadmap for Your Exit Strategy

This event has been canceled.

Please reach out to Dennis Theis, CPA, CVGA, Principal, and Director at

to learn more about Exit Strategy planning.

Knowledge and Insight You Will Gain:


Real Examples of Business Owners Who Have Experienced the Challenges and Achieved Success


How To Determine & Maximize Your Business’s Value


How To Avoid Pitfalls and Relieve Stress During the Process

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How Developing A Detailed Exit Plan Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

About Maner Costerisan

For a century, small and midsize companies across the Great Lakes Region have come to Maner Costerisan for help to succeed and grow.  Our team of experts offers planning and decision-making support to help you turn your business dreams into reality. Our strategic planning, business valuation, and value growth experts help organizations of all sizes plan for what’s next.

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