Fraud & Litigation Services

There Is No Such Thing as a
Small Amount of Fraud.

We Shine a Bright Light Throughout Your Organization So We Can Help Stop Fraud Before it Starts.

No business can afford to have its bottom line or reputation damaged by accounting fraud or fraudulent activity. With so much at stake, Maner Costerisan litigation services experts are there to be a rock-solid guiding force during turbulent and emotional times. We’re on your side, helping prevent trouble before it starts, and guiding you through it if it does.
Our team of CPAs, certified fraud examiners and forensic accountants oversee detailed investigations – uncovering where and how fraud occurred, outlining losses and potential breakdowns along the way to make sure you’re as protected against loss as you can be.


Our experts will review your organization and provide a detailed recommendation of how to improve your internal processes to reduce the risk for fraud.

Our certified accounting fraud experts identify and assess areas of your business that may be vulnerable to fraud with suggestions to improve your security.

In cases of fraud, our team gets all the facts straight as quickly as possible and delivers a straightforward, concise report.

With years of expertise testifying in depositions at all levels, we serve as independent reviewers and monitors, and provide outside, expert witness testimony.

To ensure your data is as secure as possible, our cyber security experts can provide outside support, while recommending upgrades to your current infrastructure.

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