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Accounting is One Department Where You Can’t Afford to be Short-Staffed.

But, you need more than bodies, you need problem-solvers. Which is why Maner Costerisan’s outsourcing support makes all the difference. Our highly-trained and experienced accounting experts can help with your day-to-day accounting needs right away, but that’s just the start.
Whether you’re looking for high-level CFO planning, data analysis or help creating timely and accurate reports, our team can support with all the accounting services that help your business thrive. Our team of experts isn’t just task-oriented, we’re client-oriented — finding ways to make your company more efficient and more successful than when we walked in the door.
We’re uniquely prepared to turn today’s staffing needs into tomorrow’s success.

Our Process

The Maner Costerisan difference starts from day one — we get up to speed faster by getting to know your business better. Our team performs a quick and thorough assessment of your key processes and systems to pinpoint areas of improvement and highlight ways we can help. This plan of action eliminates the time, cost and stress of an adjustment period, and empowers us to fit in and start making a difference right away.

Digging Deeper to Uncover More Opportunities.

Current Financial Processes

Current Financial Software/Integrations

Cash/Internal Controls

Staff Review

Our Services

Temporary Accounting Support

Whether it’s taking care of your day-to-day accounting needs or offering some extra help on a special project, our experienced accountants fill any role you need for as long as you need it. And our team brings added value to every job by finding ways to optimize your processes and internal controls to leave your accounting department better than we found it.

CFO Advisory Services

Give your business all the advantages of an experienced CFO at a fraction of the cost. Our senior-level leaders go beyond traditional accounting support to do more for your business. They’re ready to help with everything from big picture tasks — managing your finance department, mapping out strategic planning and outlining KPIs — to hands-on day-to-day work like managing special projects.

KPI Analysis

Outsourcing with Maner Costerisan can even make your data work harder. We integrate your real-time financials into easy­-to-analyze dashboards, empowering you to spot risks, seize opportunities and be confident knowing every decision is more informed and more powerful.

Business Accounting Software

Upgrading your financial software is the quick, easy way to streamline your processes and enhance your performance. It saves your business time, money and stress by avoiding the duplicative work that comes with manual processes, while ensuring your data is accurate and impactful. Plus, our experts help you get the most from the upgrade by customizing software around your business’s size, your industry and your unique needs.

Customized Financial Reporting

Accounting support isn’t only about filling gaps today, it can help you see what’s needed to make your business even more successful going forward. Our team takes care of the legwork, developing balance sheets and cash flow statements to get a clear picture of your assets and liabilities. These findings allow us to develop personalized KPIs and create tailored financial reports to guide your next steps. Finally, we have a conversation to discuss what everything means and answer any questions you may have, so you can make important business decisions with confidence.

Grant Reporting

Make a compelling statement to your funder with airtight grant reports. We handle the process from start to finish – determining scope, marking deadlines and developing an accurate and comprehensive report that will make sure your grants are in good standing.