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Julie Ross, Director of Marketing

Julie joined the Maner Costerisan team in 2020 as the firm’s first Director of Marketing. With 20 years of combined experience on the agency and client side of the business, she is responsible for directing, managing and executing the firm’s marketing and communications strategy. She works closely with stakeholders across the firm to increase awareness of and generate interest in Maner and its services with clients and prospects.

Shortly after joining the firm, Julie directed the launch of Maner’s new brand and updated website, projects that strengthen the firm’s position as a modern, strategic and client-focused partner, focused on their clients’ next move.

Julie brings a unique combination of marketing and communications expertise to Maner, having worked in professional sports, at various advertising agencies and in finance before joining the firm. During her time on the agency side, she worked on large brands, including the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, Honda, La-Z-Boy, and Founder’s Brewing Company.

Driven, intelligent, kind, and always a team player – Julie is the heart of Maner’s Marketing department. Her experiences working with lots of different personalities across various industries have informed the way she approaches how she works and manages her team. Julie’s committed to creating a culture that promotes positivity, open communication, learning and growth. She never shies away from asking “why” on the way to trying to make things better and expects the same of her team.

A graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Julie lives in Dewitt, Michigan, with her husband, Jon, two children, Ryan and Molly, and dog, Piper. In her free time, Julie enjoys cooking, reading, juggling post-school kids’ activities, and traveling.

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