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Accounting for Food Service-related Revenues and Expenditures (Updated)

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NEW (January 2022): Accounting for Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) Local Costs Grant

The P-EBT Local Level Administrative Cost Grant is a federal award (CFDA#10.649). Accounting guidance for these funds is as follows:

  • Revenue: Major Class 414, Suffix 0110
  • Expenditures: Grant Code 664

P-EBT revenue should be recognized in FY22 in the Fund that the district incurred the most expenses from administering P-EBT in FY21 (including allowability to record these funds in the General Fund). Expenditures using Grant Code 664 should match revenue reported – this may require the use of “net-zero reclassifying entries” as described in the Revenue and Expenditure Recognition Considerations section of this guidance document.


Resource: Michigan Department of Education, Office of Financial Management, Financial Accounting Guidance During the COVIC-19 Pandemic, Last Updated January 21, 2022

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