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Your Audit is Done…Now What?

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You are in the moment of relief, your audit is complete and the auditors have moved on.  The relief ends when you receive a Report of Deficiencies or Findings for your municipalities audit.  Now what?

  • You may receive a letter from the State requesting a written response for how you will address the deficiencies and findings noted.
  • Implement processes to address the deficiencies so they do not repeat the following year.

This is not the news you wanted to receive. Now is the time to review processes and use this information to create a plan of improvement.

Maner Costerisan’s governmental accounting specialists can help you devise and implement a plan to address the deficiencies and findings noted. Monthly or quarterly onsite visits help maintain plan progress, answer any questions, and  consistently address issues throughout the year.  Giving you more assurance your annual audit process is more efficient and less time-consuming.

Tim Bograkos, Director of Business Development - Maner Costerisan

Tim Bograkos

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