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Michigan Personal Property Tax Legislation Updates

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There is certain to be a flurry of activity in the Michigan state legislature over the next few weeks, as deadlines approach for bills to be signed into law before year-end. With a handful of session days remaining before the House and Senate recess and constitutional review requirements driving timely deadlines, the following pair of personal property tax packages are ones to watch.

Special thanks to our colleagues at the Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) for providing updates on this important tax-related legislation.

House Poised to Pass PPT “One and Done” Bills

The House is expected to act on MMA-driven legislation to create a process that will allow manufacturers to file a single Personal Property Tax (PPT) exemption at the state level, preempting the onerous process of filing exemptions with each local municipality every year. Read the analysis here.

Bill to Simplify Remote Work PPT Filing Close to Completion

MMA-supported legislation unanimously passed by the Senate is speeding towards final passage in the House. Senate Bill 698 (Senator Jim Runestad, R-White Lake) quickly passed the House Tax Policy Committee last week on a unanimous vote. The bill would extend the legislative solution advanced by MMA last year to avoid tracking personal property such as laptops and monitors held by people working remotely. The bill would extend the application of the solution to cover tax year 2022.

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